A cross-industry collaboration

Challenge the Fabric is a cross industry collaboration initiated by Ekman. Together with partners in the forest, textile and fashion industry we want to connect the supply chain of man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCF).

The aim is to connect the supply chain of forest-based textiles, improve and enhance the perception of the MMCF textiles and impact towards a traceable and sustainable production.

In addition, we want the textile industry to fully discover the potential of the man-made cellulosic fiber portfolio and to facilitate the market growth of sustainable cellulosic fibers.

Challenge the Fabric will host a symposium on May 17, 2022, at Institut Suédois in Paris.

Speeding up the change

An extensive work is done in every part of the supply chain of man-made cellulosic fiber to improve sustainability and traceability.

Being part of the CTF symposium in Paris will increase your company's possibility to connect, network, listen to initiated speakers and gain knowledge, all to enhance and improve the future development of the MMCF supply chain.

An initiative by Ekman

Challenge the Fabric is initiated and driven by Ekman with support from the Swedish Fashion Council.

We want to add value to the industry and by help growing the market of cellulosic fibers, a sustainable product with an increased demand.

Together with partners from the forest, textile, and fashion industries we will host the event on May 16 to 17 2022 in Paris.