Business Support

By your side in every step of the business process

Every year, Ekman handles millions of tons of paper, pulp, recovered materials and bioenergy products for our business partners in over one hundred countries. 

As the global market grows more complex, Ekman’s role as a source of financial information, market intelligence and business support also increases. Ekman is a problem solver, bringing together our various divisions to create attractive business solutions for our partners. 

We provide a complete range of services for the forest products industry. Few other trading houses can offer the same level of diversity and knowledge within: 

  • Finance
  • Logistics 
  • Transportation insurance
  • Inventory handling and financing
  • Warehouse administration
  • IT integration
  • Market information and research
  • Document handling

In today’s market, financing is often the first step of a sales process. Ekman’s financial strength and reputation enable us to facilitate business that might otherwise be lost. Our Finance Team offers competitive financial services and risk solutions to our business partners. More information is found here.

The Ekman Logistics Team provides expertise that adds valuable strength to our operations, helping us to meet the increased demands on our shipping operations throughout the supply chain. More information is found here.

All projects and business solutions are also supported by our IT Team, which adds efficiency through custom made solutions.

Furthermore Ekman’s business is supported by our Accounting Team which adds high quality financial information and financial analysis to facilitate operational planning and accurate operational decisions, and our Sales Support Team which provides efficient document handling.

The flexibility of our organization combined with our global presence makes us well positioned to evolve with the changes in our industry, and gives us considerable leverage in a competitive marketplace.