CTF stands for Challenge the Fabric and aims at opening the dialogue about viscose as sustainable alternative to fabrics from non-renewable or other resource-intensive materials.

In the past 15 years the global fashion consumption has doubled, and it is expected to keep growing. As a result, the industry’s demand for cotton is said to exceed the supply in 2050. The exploration of alternatives to fill the fiber gap is urgently needed. Biomaterials, circularity and transparency are key components to sustain the future of fashion lastingly. Viscose has the potential to become increasingly sustainable and to fill the gap.

The first edition of CTF Award will address future opportunities and challenges of viscose. What creative and systematic opportunities does viscose offer to the fashion industry? What challenges have to be faced? And how can viscose contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable?

Initiated by EKMAN & Co AB and contributing partners Altri, Arauko, SanYou Group, and Södra, the CTF Award will run for the first time in 2018.