Business partners in more than 100 countries have chosen Ekman as their problem solver. We are here to make trading easy and profitable. 

Having your best interest in mind, we will be happy to assist you in every step of the business process. Your designated team is ready to tailor your preferred solution.

Ekman provides a complete range of services for the forest products industry, bringing together experts within 

  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • IT integration
  • Document handling
  • Market information and research
  • Warehouse administration
  • Transportation insurance
  • Inventory handling and financing
  • Legal
  • Compliance

One stop for working capital

200 years of experience in developing financing and risk management structures gives us an advantage in understanding your needs and facilitating business that might otherwise be lost.

Tailor-made supply chains

The Ekman Logistics Team provides an effective and reliable supply chain based on local knowledge, worldwide coverage and deep competence in all logistical areas.

Time saving IT services

Our IT Team ensures effective and transparent administrative flows between all parties in an operation with integrated IT solutions, adapted to your needs.

Safe and smooth business flows

The Sales Coordination Team monitors and coordinates all trade flows and is fully updated on regulations in all markets. Expect the team to anticipate and solve any problem that may arise.

Your eye in the market

Insight in markets and customers across all continents, down to detail, is the basis for good business. We share market intelligence, often daily, helping you go after opportunities and manage risks.

The flexibility of our organization combined with our global presence makes us well positioned to evolve with the changes in our industry, and gives us considerable leverage in a competitive marketplace. 

Ensuring legal security

In-house legal counsel, with a global network, involved in all phases of a project enables efficient business decisions by transforming legal complexities into solutions.

Transparency and ethical business

The Compliance Team safeguards and encourages sustainable and ethical business with like-minded Business Partners by ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We are ready to bring the world to your business!