“My name is Carole Meyer and I have been working in the pulp division for the Appleton, WI office since 1998. Currently, I am the Sales Service Manager for one of our pulp mill agency accounts.  I work closely within their team to help them overcome challenges, implement changes, and improve their reputation and profitability within our industry.

I serve as a liaison between Ekman, the mill and our customers.  I manage all sales orders within AVTB’s SAP and am the main customer point of contact.  Based on production, I develop and prioritize shipment schedules to best fulfill the customer’s expectations and to optimize the mill’s profitability.  When things don’t go as planned, I work through the challenges with the customer and then work with our team at the mill to do what needs to be done to keep the customer happy.  On the Ekman side, I mirror all sales transactions into our system so that we can track our commissions.

Working with Ekman has given me the opportunity to work with and within many different company cultures, giving me a variety of experience and insight how each individual mill manages their production.  In many cases, I feel as if I am a part of each company which has given me the opportunity to build longstanding valuable relationships.

Ekman is constantly evolving; I didn’t realize how much we have grown until I looked at this new site.  I have experienced many different company cultures, but mostly in the U.S and Canada.  Therefore, in the future I’d like to put my experience to use globally… but with beaches, warm weather, and scuba diving available for when I am not working.  I was thinking maybe Ekman should partner up with someone and build a bamboo pulp mill in Jamaica or Belize –I’d be first in line to transfer there!”