Ekman offers a wide range of services, covering the entire forest products supply chain and we contribute valuable market intelligence to each stage of our business partners’ enterprises.

Operations are coordinated from our hubs in Gothenburg, Miami, Hong Kong, Zurich and Wall. We are represented in over 100 countries, and our own sales offices in about 40 locations worldwide, in close cooperation with an international network of partners and representatives, ensure a strong presence throughout the world in all producing and consuming areas for the forest industry.

As a trading house Ekman is, by its very nature, a flexible and responsive entity. For more than two hundred years we have assisted our business partners in making the most of change. We understand that few things are as constant as change, and that change is a natural part of business development. To be successful, we must be able to identify trends and developments and communicate this knowledge to our business partners.

At the core of Ekman’s strategy is our focus on building long-term partnerships with business partners. The transparency we operate under has proven to be a successful shift in the way our industry has historically conducted business. Our partners value close and mutually beneficial relationships. Ekman strives to deepen its long-term relationships with existing partners and seeks to develop opportunities through new partnerships.

In short, we understand the forest products industry and help our business partners maximize their efficiency in this challenging market.