The measure of any trading company is how well it reacts to changes in the market and in the world at large.

As one of the world’s oldest trading houses, Ekman is a prime example of the truth in this statement. For centuries, not only have we reacted to the changing conditions of our often volatile markets, we have also excelled at finding opportunities and advantages in what others have seen as turmoil.

The global market for forest products represents exactly this kind of situation. Ekman is continuously adapting our organization and resources to match the global situation and the shifting balance of the markets in which we operate.

We take these measures from a position of financial and strategic strength, reacting to certain trends and anticipating others. The result of this continuous process is an efficient, flexible and dedicated organization.

However, the more things change, the more some things stay the same. Ekman will always aim to be an indispensable trade partner, a vision that has proven successful for many years.

Jan Svensson
CEO of Ekman Group