The bioenergy industry has exhibited substantial growth for several years, fueled primarily by the political will to fight climate change, the phasing out of fossil fuels and energy security concerns. 

The Ekman Bioenergy Division has extensive market expertise with an indepth knowledge of both the heating and power markets. Through our widespread network and excellent service organization, we are constantly striving to ease our business partners’ entry into the biomass business. 

Our knowledge of the wood pellet production process enables us to get involved with new partners from the design and planning phase, continuing all the way through to end users. 

Ekman’s sound financial standing, transparency, reliability and cost-efficiency make us more than just a trader. We are a strategic biomass partner.

Working closely with carefully selected biomass producers we add value to the supply chain by coupling strong sales and marketing skills with an international presence that allows us to help our business partners penetrate various markets around the globe. We also help smooth the road to market for producers by assisting with logistics, financing, risk management, and administration, as well as ensuring there are customers for the product.