A challenge for any trading house is to excel in the area of human resources. Recruiting and motivating high performing individuals who integrate seamlessly within the Ekman team is an ongoing effort that ensures our knowledge level remains in a state of continuous improvement.

Ekman has around 350 employees working at about 40 locations throughout the world within areas such as Sales, Finance, Accounting, Logistics, Sales Coordination and IS/IT.

Ekman’s core values and beliefs define who we are. Our philosophy is straight forward and simple; to keep focus on our business partners and their needs and to offer the highest level of expertise and experience. Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves, our colleagues, and the history of Ekman to ensure that we act with the utmost integrity in each decision and action. No matter which Ekman office you join, you will become part of our established culture and committed to our values and beliefs.

For Ekman, effective teamwork is critical to our continued success. In the highly competitive environment of today, teamwork is not a choice, but a required value that must be adopted by each Ekman employee. We are a principal example of the power of the group being much more than just a sum of the people.  When business partners take the decision to work with Ekman, they are gaining access to our global organization and the knowledge of our entire team. 

Through transparent and open sharing of information and network contacts, trusting and supporting each other, we will together provide the maximum long term benefit to Ekman and our business partners.  

If you agree with our values and beliefs, and would like to be a part of our global team, you are welcome to contact us about possible career opportunities on application@ekmangroup.com.