"Hi! My name is Amanda Sannerholm, I am 46 years old and I have been working for Ekman as Management Assistant since June 2012.

As my title indicates, I assist the Ekman management and board with various matters; corporate information, proof reading, minutes, meetings, hotel reservations etc., but I also support my other local and global colleagues daily. I am the webmaster for ekmangroup.com and administrator of the Ekman intranet and I am involved in maintaining and updating these sites, as well as many of our manuals, templates, policies, and other information channels and marketing material.

What I appreciate the most with my job is the variation, no two days are alike, and interacting with my colleagues all over the world. My role at Ekman calls for a flexible and independent way of working, which suites me very well.

Ekman has been in business for more than two centuries, which is quite fascinating, and I am glad to be part of the company going forward. My personal goal within the next 3-5 years is to continue with what I am doing today and taking on more responsibility in various projects and tasks.

Being a mother of three (and a Maine Coon cat), my spare time does not lack content, there is hardly ever a dull moment. We are a floorball “crazy” family, many hours every week are spent going to and from practices, at activities and games. Besides being engaged in the local floorball club, my husband and I seldom miss out on an opportunity to go to away games and tournaments. It is a good thing I enjoy travelling, listening to music and reading a good book, too! "