"Hi! My name is Khawar Atique, I am 37 years old. I have been working for Ekman for seven years as sales manager.

I am responsible for sales and marketing of the Paper division in the Middle East market, mainly GCC region. Throughout the day I complete various tasks which include setting goals for the day, plan meetings, replying to emails, answering calls, resolve customer issues and provide best customer service. It is important to satisfy customer needs in best possibly way to achieve sales target, and to pull off the task I keep myself updated about latest development in the market.

The best about working with Ekman is the friendly and professional atmosphere of the company. Also, Ekman provides the opportunity to balance work and family life which is important for me in order to work more efficiently.

In 3-5 years, I will like to continue developing my managerial skills as a member of the sales team in Ekman. I would also like to have more experience and develop my expertise, so I can be in a reasonable managerial status that shows my achievement.

When I am not working I spend most of the time with family, taking my kids out to parks. If I still have time I enjoy watching cricket and movies. I also like hiking and camping with friends."