“Ciao! My name is Mara Gazzi, I am 43 years old and I work as Sales Manager for the Ekman Bioenergy Division. I joined Ekman in August 2015, so I am now on my third year.I am managing sales and supply development in the very challenging Bioenergy market focusing on Italy and Southern Europe in particular.

Ekman is a real community, where each employee really can feel part of a huge international family. And just like in the best families the opinion of each member is valuable and taken into consideration. For me personally, the fact that we really come from every corner of the world and work together sharing the same professional values, really gives a wonderful feeling of belonging to something special. And hey… when team building meetings are organized it is just... great!!

My personal approach to career has never been strictly connected to a title on a business card or a continuous and never ending growth of my bank account – but rather to self-realization via making everyday a job that makes me feel ok and most of all that makes the people I work with (customers, suppliers, colleagues) benefiting from my professionality. So if I had to say where I see myself in 3-5 years I would say… surrounded by smiles, starting with me rising every day shining like the sun.

Besides traveling quite often for business, I enjoy finding every occasion to travel for leisure – cannot get enough of discovering the world. I love reading as well. But if you want to see me calm and creative, well... let me loose in the kitchen!!”